Friday, 8 May 2015

What do we know about Texas? For Mrs Kriese

This morning in class we had a look at our Feedjit tracker and were very excited to see lots of visitors from Texas in the USA. We're looking forward to collaborating with Mrs. Kriese's 7th ELA Students before their School year finishes at the end of the month.  That led us into a discussion about Texas and what we know about it.

We knew the following facts as 100% Correct about Texas:

  • Its Hot
  • All people from Texas as Howdy and Y'all when they meet
  • People in Texas eat Hot Chilli
  • Miley Cyrus is the most famous person from Texas
  • Sandy off Sponge Bob is from Texas
  • In Texas they have Rodeos and people ride Bulls.
  • They have Cows with horns that are Beef Cows
  • People wear Cowboy Hats
We thought that...
  • Half of our class thought that New Zealand had a bigger population that Texas (it doesn't New Zealand has 4 Million Texas has 27 million
  • One third of the class thought that New Zealand was bigger as a country in terms of area (its not Texas is two and a half times bigger than New Zealand).
  • We think the first Space Shuttle was either launched or landed in Texas.


  1. Howdy, Y'all!

    Yes, many of us do say "howdy" and "y'all" as part of our every day conversations :)
    And yes, it does get hot here in Texas! August is the month we feel the heat the most, especially since Texas is in the middle of a severe drought. Our beautiful lakes just aren't what they used to be. Here's a look at nearby Lake Travis:

    Some of us here in our class do own cowboy hats, but those mostly sit in our closets until dress-up days come around. However, when we are out and about our city of Austin and the surrounding area, we always see a few people wearing cowboy hats as part of their everyday clothes.

    The annual Austin Rodeo has real bull-riding events, but for us, it's mostly about carnival rides, sno-cones, and watching the events:

    Lots of us do enjoy hunting, though. It's a popular sport here in Texas!

    When we get back next week (most of the seventh graders are on a fine arts field trip today), we'll do some learning about New Zealand and post on our blog. Then we'll arrange for a Skype chat soon afterwards! How about May 19?

    We look forward to learning more together!

  2. Mrs Kriese
    Thanks for your wonderful comment - we'll share it in class on Monday we'd love to Skype on May 19th and Mr Webb will be in touch. We will have a look at all the sites that you mentioned and we'll work through them this week.
    Mr Webb

  3. Great! We have a date! May 19th it is. Here is our first post about what we think we know about New Zealand:

    Hmmm...I wonder what we got wrong and right?