Monday, 24 October 2016

Taranaki Survivor: Episode Ten

Back from a short holiday hiatus the greatest student blogging competition of all time returns with a vengeance - everyone was awaiting the final team, however there was a twist - the two teams were reconfigured for another round of competition and two new players were added to the competition! Both teams realised the stakes couldn't be higher! Who would work together in their new group? Who would struggle to make adjustments? Whose game would fall short? Who would join Ebony as the second member of the 2016 Jury? All these questions are about to be answered in the tenth episode of the greatest online classroom blogging competition of all time... TARANAKI Survivor!

SurvivorEpisodeTen from myles webb on Vimeo.


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  2. Hi Jack
    Thank you so much for the comment - the inspiration for this was of course the original TV show and having a competition that we could publish. Its a bit of work but we do enjoy it.
    Mr Webb

    1. Hi, I'm Jack Winiana from Room 16 at Tamatea Intermediate. Really liked the use of the green screen and intro clip. I was wondering what your guy's inspiration was to make this?
      I'll have to catch up on the others episodes soon. Thanks, Jack
      Edit: Sorry I deleted my comment, I noticed a typo I wanted to fix. Thanks for replying so quickly. It's cool that you and your class wanted a competition, and it's also great that you decided to share it. Despite the work hopefully it's still just as fun. AS a big fan of the original show it's cool to see a fan made version made by some other NZ kids. Have a great day and keep up the good work.

  3. kia ora,my name is Ben from room 16 at Tamatea Intermediate.I liked how you did a episode of survivor with your challenges and the words to make it feel intense."The pressure is mounting"I was just wondering how many episodes you have done and how many more will you do?

  4. Hi Mrs Webb i'm Ryan Mcguire from room 16 at Tamatea Intermediate I Really enjoyed your Episode. IT gave me same ideas for funday monday that we do on a Monday for people that don't like Mondays.My Question is What made you do this activety and when ?

  5. Hi my name is Felix from room 16 at Tamatea int I really enjoyed that video that you are making about a survivor series. How come yous guys have a 3d printer in your classroom?.

  6. Hi i'm Emily from Tamatea Intermediate i really liked how you took the idea from the TV survivor and created your own vision using your own challenges and doing the elimination ceremony. Will you be using different challenges in the next episode?

  7. Hi im Alex.G
    I really like that your students have worked together in this project
    and I actually watch the show on tv I would like to keep watching this.