Tuesday, 14 February 2017

R3 First Mystery Skype of 2017

Yesterday in class we completed our first International Mystery Skype for 2017.  We had to guess about the location of another classroom that we were Skyping around the world.

It turns out that the class we were Skyping with was from the Stamford American International School in Singapore.

As only Mr Webb had been to Singapore it was a bit hard to understand some of the differences for the people of Singapore. We Google Earth'd their city/country as well and were amazed by all the buildings and the fact that we couldn't see any farms! It was a fantastic learning experience for our students and we look to do some more during the year.

A special thanks to Mr Kemp from the Stamford American International School for arranging this!


  1. Hi

    I'm a year 4 teacher from Bristol, England. I love the idea of a mystery Skype - I may have to try and set this up in my classroom!

    What were the biggest differences that you found between Singapore and New Zealand? One of my friends has just moved to Singapore for work and she loves it!

    Happy blogging!

    Miss C
    Year 4 Teacher, Holymead Primary School, Bristol

  2. Thats Pretty Cool I Want To Do This

  3. What a great experience. It's amazing how technology can help us connect with people all over the world. Even though I have been blogging with classes for a long time, I still get amazed by the cool things we can do. In fact, Mr Webb was the first person to encourage me to blog with my class (a LONG time ago) and he is from a whole different country! This year, most of my class have never blogged before so I am looking forward to seeing their reactions to it.

    Our blog is at connectedlearners.edublogs.org if you want to see what we've been up to in our first couple of weeks. We could even use your help if you want to! We are looking forward to seeing more cool stuff from you as the year continues.