Thursday, 5 January 2017

Taranaki the Kiwi Adventures Continue

Thank you for your visit - it is currently the school holidays in New Zealand and our school students are on their summer break.  Our students will be back at school on January 28th for the start of the new school year.

In the meantime one of the projects that we've been involved with in 2016 was an exchange of mascots with different schools around the world.  We are currently hosting 'Foxy Jack' a Fox sent to us by Mrs Monaghan in the UK! We have sent 'Taranaki' the Kiwi to the USA were Taranaki is currently being hosted by Mrs Yollis and her class of students - and not only that Taranaki has just been on holiday to Hawaii...


  1. Hi again, Miss C from UK here.

    I love this idea too - it looks like Taranaki had a great trip; in fact I'm rather jealous! :) I teach in Fox class in my school and we have lots of Fox toys and mascots too! One of them is currently on holiday in Devon with one of my class; hopefully she will blog about it when she returns!

    Where else has Taranaki visited around the globe?

    Happy blogging!

    Miss C

  2. 1)It must be fun to have a class mascot.
    2)Do the children get to bring it home and if they do what do they do with it?
    3)Maybe next time you could show how to get involved.