Saturday, 30 January 2016

We're back for 2016

On Monday 1st of February students from Auroa Primary School will be back in the classroom and we look forward to connecting and hearing from all our friends as we look forward to an amazing year.

If you've been in contact with our class before and wish to do so again please drop us a line we look forward to hearing from you.

If you want to contact Mr Webb directly you can do so at:

We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Hello Mr Webb and Room Three!

    We hope you have all had a great break and you're all ready for the start of your new school year. We're looking forward to visiting your blog and seeing what you get up to through the coming year!

    Mrs Atherton
    Hopwood C P School, England

  2. Hello Mr Webb, the Room Three, and the Students who learn French !

    Good to hear from you ! We are very glad to see you again !
    We hope that you had a pleasant and relaxing summer break.
    Bonne rentrée scolaire à tous !

    We've just posted on our classblog a video especially for you :« Wishing you a good school year ! » ( ).
    Soon, we'll show you the works we have done in January, during the English class : first we have been creating a series of questions in English about New Zealand, and then we played some « exercises of style ».
    You can also watch the other productions of our classblog and use them to learn French : videos, texts, songs, slide shows (montages), and so on... We do the same thing visiting your fantastic blog.
    We are really excited about the prospect of doing with you some learning, in English or in French, and sharing a lot of educational activities.

    Vive notre amitié !

    Serge Galligani and the students of the CM2 from Brindas, France

  3. In English : I like very much working with you. I wish you all a welcome back to school. We are thinking of you !
    En Français : J’adore travailler avec vous. Je vous souhaite à tous une bonne rentrée à l’école. Nous pensons à vous !

    Romane of the CM2 from Brindas, France

  4. En français : Je vous souhaite une heureuse et agréable rentrée scolaire !
    In English : I wish you a happy and enjoyable school year !

    Mathis of the English class from Brindas, France