Monday, 4 January 2016

Ashton's Fantastic Milking Video

Thank you for the visit to our class page.  It is currently the (Summer) holidays here in New Zealand - the students will be back in classrooms from February 1st.  In the meantime some of Room Three's students have been producing some amazing work during the break.  You can see the student blogs with the latest posts on the right hand side of this site.   Ashton has produced this video about milking on his farm the post was originally produced for his blog here.


  1. Hi Mr. Webb's class. My name is Emma. I think this is such a cool video. I've always love getting my hands dirty and I love animals. This is so created and I loved it. Keep making more please.
    sincerely, emma

  2. Thanks for your comment Emma - this video was created by one of our students (Ashton) in his School holidays and I think that he did a fantastic job I think for people who weren't sure about what was involved in milking a cow to see what was involved. We are currently on our school holiday break and we will be back to school in a few weeks but I am sure Ashton will be very pleased to have seen your comment in the meantime.
    Mr Webb

  3. Thank you for sharing the video with us as we learned about farming and agriculture around the world.